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Parallel Lines

Committed to Quality.

Established in 2018, Modern Arc proudly enables you to achieve your design aspirations. We help you build better – more aesthetically inspiring, more efficient, and more sustainable. Evolving building codes and environmental regulations push us to continually seek out the latest innovations and highest quality building products. From windows and doors to cladding and steel fabrication, we strive to provide you with new and improved ways to bring your visions to life – without compromise and on budget.

Architectural plans

Onsite consultation

We'll work with you every step of the way help you align your project’s schedules, to ensure all required elements are in place at the appropriate times, and to see that all installation is completed to the highest standards possible.

A man cutting a wooden plate with a saw

Post completion visit

Before your project is released to the occupants, one of our technicians will provide a thorough inspection and make any required adjustments -- ensuring finer details, such as window and door operation, are flawless.



We always consult with clients and architects at the planning stage of any project. Ensuring there is an understanding of code requirements, as well as collaborating on structural elements to support installation, makes for a smooth and efficient execution.

A constructor, a woman and a man looking at architectural plans

Teamwork makes
the dream work

Every building project is a collaboration; no one trade is ever on an island. We thrive on working together with other contractors as an aligned team – maximizing the expertise of all contributors to ensure each project is completed to its full potential.

A wood and white kitchen

Our process

Setting you up for success.

There’s nothing more satisfying than taking a nice long gaze at a stunningly beautiful project that you’ve just completed. Achieving those results begins with a well thought out plan. We know from experience that a careful planning process is integral to completing your project on time and on budget. It’s why we’re happy to collaborate with you and offer our expertise before, during, and after construction – ensuring your complete satisfaction.

Tell us about your project today.

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