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Picnic pavillion,
meet high art.

ARKdome D11

This 1/4 dome structure is our staple.  With a diameter measuring 36 feet it can fit in most backyards.

At just under 1,000 square feet of coverage the D11 can seat between 30-50 people comfortably depending on the use of the space.


Internal dividers

Create multiple safe spaces inside each unit, perfect for food and drink service.


These removable dividers allow for flexibility in the use of your arkdome. Utilize one or all the dividers to create modular spaces accesible for guests by the exterior arched openings of the dome. ​


  • Diameter: 36 feet

  • Height: 11 feet 5 7/8 inches

  • Area: 968 square feet

  • Frame weight: 400 kg

  • Cover weight: 95 kg


  • Space Heaters

  • integrated LED light strips
    in wood beams

  • Removable clear covers
    for openings

Super Stable


The symmetrical network of triangles

ensures uniform distribution of the load

between all elements of the structure.

Compact and


Once dismantled. arkDomes are transportable in a small trailer or truck. With a build time of just a few hours, these are truely versatiles structures. Mobile, Stationery, temporary or Permenent.

At one with the environment

The structure is made of bioneutral

materials, does not require a heavy

foundation and leaves no traces of impact. Its organic shape also blends into the enviroment.

Get your free arkDome quote today.

Estimated delivery is 8-10 weeks from order Depending on desired accessories,
cover textile choice and printing requirements.

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